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Winamp for Android Gets an Update

Oct 26, 2011

Here's a reason for music lovers to celebrate, Winamp, the #1 free third-party music management app on android*, has now launched an enhanced version, Android 1.2. The latest version of Winamp for Android offers lots of new core features, a premium paid package with enriched audio, features and customization, and for the first time, Mac support, which is launching in beta.

Users can download Winamp for Android 1.2 for free and then upgrade inside the app to the Pro Bundle for $4.99. Since its debut a year ago, Winamp for Android has topped nine million downloads and is now the No. 2 music management application worldwide with more than 45 million monthly users and is the No. 1 free, third-party mobile music management App on Android OS.

To learn more about Android 1.2's exciting new features, visit the Winamp blog.

*source: Android Marketplace