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The Huffington Post UK Offers the Anna Freud Centre Full Day of Pro Bono Advertising for the Launch of Young Minds Matter

Feb 16, 2016

Earlier in February Stephen Hull, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post UK announced the launch of Young Minds Matter, a month-long initiative to bring attention to the extremely important subject of children's mental health. He also announced that Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge will be guest-editing The Huffington Post UK for one day on February 17, 2016, working with a team of journalists at Kensington Palace specifically to raise awareness of this issue.

As part of HuffPost UK's work with Kensington Palace, we have also offered a full day of advertising pro bono on HuffPost UK Parents to the Anna Freud Centre charity, on the same day as the Duchess's guest edit and launch of Young Minds Matter. The Anna Freud Centre will take over all available ad space with branded ads highlighting the important work the charity the does and driving people to its website for more information. We have worked closely with the charity on the development of this initiative, from content to producing original research in the field.

"We believe that a step-change is needed to improve the care for children and adolescents with mental health problems and are incredibly grateful to AOL for supporting our ambition," said a representative of The Anna Freud Centre. "We hope that this ad gives us the opportunity to reach and inspire new audiences."

The Huffington Post reaches almost 12 million people in Britain and over 191 million people globally* and we hope that this small act will help raise the profile of this and all the other charities involved, showcasing the important work they do and how they can help young people suffering from mental health issues.

We are excited and very proud to welcome The Duchess to The Huffington Post team for the day and look forward to seeing Young Minds Matter brought to life tomorrow.

*Source: comScore Multi-Platform Worldwide Audience Custom Report, Dec'15, Custom Entity