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Talent Acquisition Hosts University Career Services Professional in New York

Aug 8, 2012

Last week AOL welcomed the opportunity to host 35 members of the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE) in our New York office for career service personnel to learn more about our recruiting process and internship programs.

The afternoon kicked off with an overview of AOL, presented by former MBA intern and current Director of Business Development, David Burrick. David explained how we make money, and provided an overview of our business strategy, focusing on our in brands and advertising growth.

The group then heard from a diverse panel of 6 interns and 2 interns turned employees who offered insight into how they landed their internships and what made their AOL experiences unique. HuffPost College's Alyssa Creamer emphasized the importance of relationship building while in school; she snagged her current internship by keeping in touch with her boss, Will McGuinness, who she met working on the UMass school newspaper. Former intern, Trista Myers explained that her previous experience wearing many hats working at a small startup prepared her for her internship with Corporate Events last year.

All of the students were particularly passionate about their experience as an intern and made a strong point in differentiating the AOL experience from those at other organizations. HuffPost Live's Front End developer intern, Steven Greenberg, described how feedback he gave on his very first day was immediately incorporated into the site design. The On Network's Marketing Coordinator and former intern Alyssa Marino spoke about the tremendous experience working on a re-brand, and how her internship at AOL was the first job where she wasn't counting down the minutes until 5:00pm.

The day wrapped up with a second interactive panel, featuring campus recruiters, full time recruiters and a few current intern managers. Our aim was to educate the audience about what we look for in a resume and what it takes to succeed in an AOL internship. Campus Recruiter Caitlin Geraghty explained that at The Huffington Post, we look for interns who are active in journalism and media, "obsessed with consuming content," and have had previous related internship experience.

Recruiter Laudine Vallarta explained how our Patch business, looks especially for those who were athletes in college, as their competitive nature and experience transition well to the sales environment. Dan Nelson, who currently manages the AOL Kids page, shared the real-world responsibilities he gives his current interns, as well as the importance AOL places on our Cultural Ambassador Program.

The afternoon spent with EACE was a great opportunity to share the wealth of opportunities at AOL, as well as learn what types of challenges college students face throughout he job search process. We look forward to partnering with them again, and growing our relationships with more universities!

To learn more about working and interning at AOL, visit our careers page.