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Seattle Interactive Conference Recap

Nov 4, 2011

Over 200 media professionals filled a packed conference room on Wednesday at Seattle Interactive Conference's hour long panel -- Alleviating the Confusion, The Acrimony Around Acronyms.'s Doug Boccia joined leaders from AT&T, BlueKai, AdReady, and Audience Science on stage to discuss the complex online advertising ecosystem, terminologies used, and methodologies available to reach the right user.

Conversations around audience targeting, data usage, and performance measurement were followed by best practices for Advertisers on driving successful marketing programs. Quality of data, quality of inventory, and quality of technology all play an important role in a successful campaign. Brand marketers can leverage audience targeting if they have done their research and know their consumers, while direct response marketers may need to weigh the cost of audience data in relation to reaching a target ROI. Find and work with trustworthy media partners who can guide an Advertiser to the best solutions based on their needs.

Each campaign is different, each objective is unique. As more players and technologies enter the online media space, both Advertisers and Publishers need to take the time to understand how each piece fits into this ecosystem, how each works with the other, in order to make the decisions best for their business demands.

(This post originally ran on The AOL Advertising Blog.)