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Never "Check Email" Again with Alto Dashboard

Sep 29, 2016

Alto Dashboard breaks down and rebuilds email as an intelligent guidebook for daily life on iPhone, Android and desktop

September 29, 2016 – New York, NY – Today, Alto, a proprietary email intelligence engine built to analyze and restructure the mountain of valuable data buried across multiple inboxes, announced its newest feature Alto Dashboard. Alto Dashboard lets users do more with email than reply, archive, delete or forward; it closes the loop between email, smart devices and apps.

“Email is a collection of rich and complex data about ourselves and our lives, shoved into a simplistic system called the ‘inbox’ that has barely changed since the late 90’s,” said Arlo Rose, General Manager of Alto. “Email is the lowest common denominator for communication today, with nearly every action we take online resulting in an email – these are meaningful data points of what is important in your life. Alto Dashboard treats your email like a database of you; intelligently analyzing, extracting and surfacing just the information you need, right when you need it.”

Alto Dashboard is a single, user-friendly guide of the information users need at that moment, presented as actionable “cards” which make the information both easier to consume and easier to pull into other apps. These cards are formulated based on internal algorithms that weigh a variety of factors including calendar data, GPS location, shipping information, frequency of communication, and the relative “importance” of an email. For instance, an email with flight information is likely more relevant and useful to a user in the moment than an email about whether a Facebook post was Liked, and therefore deserves more weight.

Alto Dashboard also connects into a user’s calendar, giving them a full view of everything important to their daily life. At a glance, users see upcoming meetings, the sneakers that were just delivered to their home, their birthday dinner reservation for tonight, and the flight they have to Chicago tomorrow. Every card is designed to let users take immediate action on that data. With just the tap of a finger, users can call for a car from Uber to get to the airport, map out the fastest route on Waze, check into their flight, or share their delay and arrival times via messenger.

“The critical information we need on any given day, whether it’s for work, family, friends, or anything else, is scattered across 2-3 inboxes,” continued Mr. Rose.  “Alto is the only email client that, by design, encourages users to combine all of their email accounts into a single Dashboard that intelligently parses out just the emails and data you need, when you need them.”

Alto can connect virtually any type of email account to the Dashboard, including: AOL, Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, iCloud, Outlook, Exchange and any other IMAP email provider.

Beyond the Dashboard, Alto also intelligently organizes emails based on their content into “Stacks.” Stacks allow users to easily find every file or photo received in any account, and help to organize and manage important personal, travel, financial, and social emails. Alto provides all the functionality people expect from a dedicated email app, including: swipe actions, the ability to snooze messages plus the latest iOS 10 enhancements.

Alto Dashboard is available now for iOS, Android and via the web on today’s most popular browsers.


About Alto
Alto is a forward-thinking email client that connects all of your email accounts and intelligently filters the most important mail to the top, making it both more available when you need it, and more actionable through the integration of 3rd party services. Using semantic language processing and machine learning, Alto intelligently analyzes and organizes emails into Stacks, actionable cards, and the Alto Dashboard - a single view of your most immediate and important emails. If it’s not in your Dashboard, it’s not important right now. Available for iOS, Android and Web, find out more at  Alto is part of AOL.

About AOL
AOL is a media technology company with a mission to connect consumers and creators through open marketplaces. AOL uses data to disrupt content production, distribution and monetization. The company connects publishers with advertisers across its global, programmatic platforms, tapping into Microsoft inventory and original content brands like TechCrunch, The Huffington Post and MAKERS, which reach over 500 million monthly global consumers. Within its mobile advertising network alone, AOL has a reach of roughly 600 million users. A subsidiary of Verizon, AOL is shaping the digital future.

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