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Introducing AOL Autos and Autoblog Editor-in-Chief Sharon Carty

Jan 16, 2014

On the heels of CES and the Detroit Auto Show, I'm pleased to announce that Sharon Carty is taking over as Editor-in-Chief of AOL Autos and Autoblog. Sharon has written about cars for more than a decade, and now she's moving full steam ahead in her new position with AOL Autos/Autoblog, the biggest automotive publication in the U.S.* with a female Editor-in-Chief.

The coming year is set to bring more original voices and content to AOL Autos and Autoblog. To kick off the year, Sharon shared her top three predictions for the Auto industry in 2014, including:

  • A bigger push toward automated driving
  • A bigger push on the government to get people off their phones while they're driving
  • A lot of cool cars launching in 2014

Check out more on what Sharon had to say below:

*(source: Comscore MediaMetrix, Jan-Dec 2013, compared to individual Automotive Resource sites such as Yahoo! U.S. Autos, and excluding networks of sites such as Jumpstart Automotive)