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IAB Recognizes AOL's Sales Team and Three Employees in Phoenix

Feb 25, 2013

Last night at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Annual Leadership Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, AOL and three of its employees were recognized for their extraordinary sales and service efforts.

AOL was one of only two companies who received the IAB Award for Overall Sales Excellence. Following a two-wave survey conducted by Advertiser Perceptions, Inc, agencies and advertisers identified AOL and its salespeople worthy of the IAB Sales Excellence Award based on three key attributes of selling: customer service, knowledge and innovation.

Edwin Yu from the ADTECH team, Cory Hudson, and Karin Eanes of the Pictela team were each awarded an individual IAB Service Excellence Award for achieving the highest standard of excellence, as viewed by the ad buying community, IAB Sales Executive Council and Advertiser Perceptions.

These recognitions from IAB really go to show the impressive work going on at AOL. Well done everyone for all your hard work, let's keep it up!