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Editions by AOL Now Live in Canada and the UK

Nov 9, 2011

Following a successful launch in the US, we're excited to announce that Editions by AOL, a free daily magazine for the iPad that delivers a unique and beautiful reading experience customized for each individual user, is now live on the App Store in Canada and the UK.

Editions will feature local content sources specific to each new market to ensure that the app delivers content that you will want to read.

Every morning, at a time of your choosing, you'll receive a unique 30-to-40-page magazine tailored to your interests. Editions replicates some of the features that make magazines fun to read, including beautiful pages, images and layout, and fast and easy page turning.

Editions leverages a sophisticated set of algorithms that takes all of your actions into account, from opening an article to adding a new interest, to help learn what you do and don't like – creating a truly customized reading experience for each individual user.

Editions by AOL is available for free from the App Store on iPad.

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