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CafeMom and StudioNow Partner to Bring High-Quality Video to Moms

Jan 5, 2012

You may have recently read that YouTube is developing premium content channels. As a part of that effort, CafeMom just launched its own YouTube Channel, CafeMom Studios, featuring original video content produced by StudioNow.

One of the first campaigns featured on CafeMom Studios is called Moms Matter 2012, which focuses on the 2012 elections. Original video content produced by StudioNow includes interviews with moms and candidates, an issues scorecard, candidate profiles, message boards and forums, and political mom bloggers. The goal of the campaign is to unite moms regardless of political affiliation, activate them to get informed and take action, and have their voices heard to impact the outcome of the 2012 election.

The CafeMom and StudioNow partnership demonstrates CafeMom's commitment to creating high-quality, engaging content for readers, while allowing StudioNow to demonstrate the full depth and breadth of its high-end production capabilities, from ideation to production and delivery.

Check out one of the most popular current videos on Moms Matter, which was filmed at a CafeMom-sponsored Town Hall in Iowa this week, and features presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.