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Becoming a Mom at AOL

Oct 16, 2012

In the latest post in our Working at AOL series, the AOL Blog had a chance to catch up with Stacey Morse, who is a recruiter for AOL and soon to be a new mom, to share her experiences with AOL's WellBaby Program.

I heard about AOL's WellBaby Program almost 2 years after I started working for the organization, when a co-worker informed me of this unique initiative. Similar to many other pregnant working women, I felt anxious about how easy it would be to still perform to my usual high standards in the workplace whilst not feeling at my peak.

I was thrilled to receive so much support from the WellBaby Program, which not only sends expectant mothers a range of pregnancy resources, but ensures each mom-to-be is assigned a nurse to look after them during and after their pregnancy. The support doesn't stop there – the program also offers a variety of seminars for women and their partners throughout the pregnancy.

I love working at AOL, and being pregnant has only enhanced my positive experience. AOL is a superior Employer of Choice. Participating in AOL's WellBaby Program, alongside my wonderful and supportive co-workers, has made my pregnancy so much more enjoyable than it might have been. As a recruiter, I often mention the program to potential candidates as one of the many ways AOL demonstrates care for employees. I'm so excited to become a mother, and am grateful AOL's WellBaby Program will support my transition back into the workplace.

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