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Autoblog 360 App Launches Test-Drive Feature

Dec 30, 2013

We're excited to announce that the at-home test-drive feature for Autoblog 360 is available for iOS and Android users! The new, free tablet app that allows users to virtually shop for any car from the comfort of their home or office, will now also deliver vehicles to your doorstep.

The dealership can be an intimidating experience for many car shoppers. Now, the Autoblog 360 tablet app complements the dealership experience, manning car buyers with the information and vehicle experience they need before they are ready to purchase. Through a simple click, consumers in Dallas and Miami can order any Cadillac car to test drive (the make/model of their choice) that will be delivered to their front door – for free.

Using the new feature is easy: once a test drive order is placed, the user can schedule a date and time they'd like to have the vehicle delivered. When the car arrives, they can take a drive down their neighborhood streets and see how the car looks in their driveway or fits in their garage. Although the test drive feature is only available now in Dallas and Miami, the 360-degree views and Autoblog 360 app experience are available to all Android and iOS users. Autoblog hopes to expand the test drive feature to additional US markets and car brands in the future.

The app also offers a user-controlled 360-view of cars both inside from the driver's seat inside, as well as outside. Users can click on a hotspot or watch a video to learn more about the cars that interest them.

Other features include:

- 360-degree interior and exterior views, now featuring an extended experience with app sponsor Cadillac

- Vehicle stats, best deals and pricing

- Interactive experience in which maneuvers of the tablet screen mimic the driver's eyes inside the vehicle - including the ability to virtually "open" the glove compartment and investigate the storage of the center console

- Desktop version of the app

To download Autoblog 360, visit your iOS or Android app store.