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AOL, Yahoo! and Microsoft Announce Display Advertising Agreement

Nov 8, 2011

Today we formally announced a display advertising partnership agreement with Yahoo! and Microsoft. The partnership will fundamentally change the way we buy and sell premium online display inventory and benefits advertisers, agencies and publishers. We are redefining the space by taking our existing relationships with both Microsoft and Yahoo! to a new level with an agreement that will allow our ad networks to offer each other's premium non-reserved online display inventory to their respective advertising customers.

Effective in the United States, this news sets in motion the opportunity for advertisers and agencies to achieve scaled solutions across premium publishers, ultimately giving them access to high quality inventory and reducing friction in the marketplace. We believe the partnership will speak to the future of premium online display, enhance the demand for and value of each partner's display advertising offerings, and provide better yield for both participating publishers and advertisers. In addition to the United States, Yahoo and AOL will have an agreement that extends to Canada. Microsoft's Canada business is not participating directly in the agreement.

For more information see the full release here.