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AOL Shines at IPG Event

Nov 14, 2011

AOL took part in the opening party for the IPG Media Lab in New York last week. IPG is the fourth-largest ad agency holding company in the world and one of our key business partners. The Lab is IPG's latest investment in digital technology, a 5,000 square-foot space in midtown featuring a virtual closet, connected TVs, live social feeds and gadget of all shapes and sizes.

Both AOL's content and technology are featured prominently in the lab, including the oversize art by AOL artist Jason Gnewikow, who attended, featured prominently in the lobby. A post on the wall explains the AOL Artists program and directs people the site.

Another special AOL guest at the party was celebrity chef Sam Talbot, featured on AOL's Kitchen Daily and GMC Trade Secrets. Sam cooked up an appetizer of crab, blueberries and popcorn that surprised and delighted everyone.

Original research by IPG and AOL on the Devil unit is also highlighted on IPG's Engagement Wall, while the 3D BMW ad on Editions by IPG Agency UMWW is featured nearby on the Mobile Wall.
AOL's presence at the Lab is a wonderful example of how great partnerships with agencies are mutually beneficial. We look forward to what's next with IPG and the Lab!

See more photos from the Event here: