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AOL Launches Ad Desk Beta:'s Open-Access Platform

Apr 19, 2010 Ad Desk Beta Opens Access for Advertising Agencies and Advertisers

New York, NY – April 19, 2010 – AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL) today launched a beta version of Ad Desk, a new display advertising platform that provides advertisers and agencies direct access to the premium audiences, technologies and insights of AOL Advertising. With Ad Desk, advertising agencies and advertisers are now able to directly manage campaigns and get a deeper level of access to AOL properties and the network. In its beta release, Ad Desk is targeted at medium-sized advertising agencies and advertisers.

Built for advertisers by advertisers, AOL Advertising has been working with clients over the past few months to develop the product and features that will allow Ad Desk to serve a broader and more scaled group of customers. Ad Desk benefits:

  • Direct access and control to media planning tools and analytics;
  • Segmentation of AOL properties and the network based on interest, audience and/or geography;
  • A tool built for advertising agencies that allows them to take more control and get more transparency across AOL's ad platforms which reaches 184M unique visitors according to March 2010 comScore Media Metrix data.

"Transparency and control are the future of online advertising," said Jeff Levick, Executive Vice President, AOL Advertising. "Providing clients with a greater level of personalized control over digital marketing campaigns is paramount as organizations continue to look for innovative ways to promote their brands and evaluate their ROI when planning campaigns. We believe Ad Desk is our client's on-ramp to display advertising as it provides increased self-management and access to proprietary AOL information that has previously never been available."

Today's version of Ad Desk will be complementary to the high-touch sales needs of our larger partners. Over time, Ad Desk will evolve to serve the more sophisticated media planning and analytics needs of larger agencies and advertisers.

"This is a beta version of Ad Desk," added Levick. "We are working directly with larger agencies and advertisers now to define the future updates of this tool to ensure it meets their needs and requirements as well."

"We were part of the pilot launch of Ad Desk, and have been working with the AOL Advertising team to provide feedback on features that will help us better develop and implement the most successful and relevant campaigns on behalf of our clients," said Chris Hansen, Vice President of Performance Marketing at 360i. "Working with AOL to test the functionality of this tool ensures we remain on the cutting edge of the digital media space, and we're excited to partner with them to advance the solutions available in the industry for delivering high-performing and efficient advertising programs."

Because this is a limited external beta, please visit for more information.

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