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AOL Forms Strategic Alliance with Nielsen Catalina Solutions to Offer New Loyalty Marketing Program

Nov 21, 2011

At AOL, we often hear our customers describe their struggle to connect online and offline marketing efforts. Indeed, this is one of the greatest challenges facing marketers today. To help our customers overcome this challenge, we have formed a strategic alliance with Nielsen Catalina Solutions to provide consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers with trusted offline household shopper data that is scalable for the digital market.

Through our alliance with Nielsen Catalina Solutions, AOL has unveiled a new product – ShopperLoyalty – which allows our CPG customers to deliver more relevant online advertising based on the types of products consumers buy in brick-and-mortar stores. The process is eloquent in its approach. First, using the offline shopper loyalty data, Nielsen Catalina Solutions creates a model to find the best prospects for the advertiser's specific marketing objectives. Next, AOL's partner, Experian, scores the model to the AOL eAddressable universe to identify purchase propensity at the household level. AOL then selects the top households, based on the model scores, that best meet the advertiser's marketing objectives. AOL is then able to leverage these models to create the most valuable advertising for our clients. The result: Marketers will now be able to reach selected audiences more effectively through online advertising in a privacy-sensitive manner.

The program will also enable brands to understand how well online ad campaigns are driving actual consumer buying behavior across a nationwide cross-section of participating retailers, creating a streamlined process and yielding significantly more sales for our partners.

We are excited to integrate Nielsen Catalina Solutions' analytics and data assets with the AOL network. We believe the new ShopperLoyalty product has the potential to change the way our customers do business.