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AOL Artists Debut Winner of the Motion Competition on a Newly Designed

Sep 19, 2012

From April to May this year, AOL ran a competition on the Behance network, tapping its incredible collective of creatives. Five finalists were selected and given the opportunity to present story boards to AOL. After much deliberation, "Rezeption" was selected as the next Motion Canvas, and creator Roman Ruetten was named the winner. Roman is a New York-based artist who grew up in Cologne, Germany. He, and his artwork, are currently showcased on the newly designed, which also launched today.

The new, designed by two of our top designers, Justin Michael Smith and Stephen Meszaros, features over 200 of AOL's canvases in a variety of mediums, and over 1,000 images of artwork. The site aims to make art accessible to a wider audience, allowing users to engage with AOL's canvases and the artists that have created them. An optimized search allows you to find artists, artworks, and initiatives, by color, medium, artist name, and canvas name. Additional features include pages for each curated collection, a sort-by-color functionality, and easier access to AOL Artists' initiatives, Rainbow City, the Seven on Seven conference, and more.

AOL Artists actively commissions artists from around the world to create the visual identity for the AOL brand. To date, 114 artists have been commissioned to create 282 canvases for AOL. Additionally, the program's involvement in the creative community extends beyond traditional commissioning and into the public sector. Public art installations, charitable murals, grants, conferences, and media coverage for local artists and art communities have been powerful extensions of the program and AOL's support of the arts.

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