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AOL Artists Celebrates New IPG Media Lab with Original Work

Nov 10, 2011

In celebration of the new IPG Media Lab, an original work of art from the AOL Artists program – Ink Blot Color, by Jason Gnewikow – has been placed in the new office space in New York City.

Dedicated to supporting creativity, we are delighted that IPG approached us to have an original work of art by an AOL Artist featured in their new office. The goal of the AOL Artists program is to provide amazing opportunities for the artists we work with who are so important to the creativity reflected in our visual brand identity. AOL Artist Jason Gnewikow's piece is a perfect example of the incredible work our artists create.

AOL actively commissions artists from around the world to create original works of art as the visual identity of the AOL brand. The work is showcased globally across AOL's platforms. To explore all of the AOL Artists' work, visit