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And The Word of the Year Is?

Nov 30, 2012

"GIF" is the 2012 word of the year. In it's simplest form, it's a digital graphics format that allows people to create looping animations. But to web artists the world around, they've become a unique new methods for expression. Annie Werner, AOL Artists Guest Curator and Tumblr's Arts Evangelist, understands the power of GIFs, seeing many of them on her site each day.

In the latest installment of AOL Artists' Guest Curator program, Annie talks with Eno, a GIF artist she was captivated by after a submission he made to Tumblr's Moving The Still GIF project. Annie found Eno's art to be "so cinematic," while hand drawn, and caught up with the artist to chat about his gift of GIF creation and explore the methodology of his modern works of art. From inception to execution, Annie discovered that each of Eno's GIFs are unique and hypnotizing.

Read Annie's full interview with Eno over on the AOL Artists Tumblr and learn more about AOL Artists Guest Curator program here.