News / AOL Blog Takes Over ad:tech NY

Nov 14, 2011

Over 5,000 digital marketers gathered at the Jacob Javits Convention Center for the yearly ad:tech NY conference.

This year's ad:tech conference was especially exciting for our team, since it was our first event as Group. This was a great introduction to the industry about Group and successfully showed our unity and commitment to providing and end-to-end solution for publishers, advertisers and agencies. All of our teams from, Sponsored Listings (ASL), ADTECH, AOL Video and Pictela were represented and engaged with clients about the full suite of solutions under Group.

One of the main themes of this year's conference was around innovation and enhancing the user experience. Wendy Clark, Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing Communications and Capabilities at Coca-Cola, was a keynote speaker and spoke about the importance of understanding your audience and using effective storytelling in the market, "We're moving from an environment about placing messages to movement of stories." I couldn't agree more with Wendy's point. AOL brands are committed to conveying great stories on the web and we continue to evolve with the market.

Conversations centered around video, premium formats, mobile and social. The ever-connected consumer is looking for new ways to engage with content, and as a publisher and advertiser partner it's crucial that we provide these in-demand solutions. Connecting with our current and prospective partners gives us the chance to understand and learn their needs. Conferences like ad:tech are not only a great educational opportunity for the attendees, but for the exhibitors and sponsors as well.

(This post originally ran on the AOL Advertising Blog.)