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A Look Behind the Curtains at Moviefone with Editor Tim Hayne

Mar 28, 2013

An avid movie lover from Michigan moves to NYC to pursue his passion for film and assumes an accomplished role at one of the leading websites for all things related to movies. That's just the beginning of the story for Tim Hayne. We recently sat down with the new Moviefone Editor-in-Chief to discuss his life and vision for the site.

Tim Hayne's success didn't happen overnight. He studied film and television at the University of Michigan before moving to NYC where he got the knack for online publishing. "It wasn't long before I knew that entertainment journalism was the field for me," said Hayne. After college, he was an editor at Beliefnet, the world's largest faith andspirituality website; deputy managing editor at (PARADE Magazine's website); and managing editor at, a leading TV and entertainment site for women 18-34.

When learning about the lead role at Moviefone, Hayne jumped at the opportunity. "This position is the perfect marriage of my two passions: web publishing and movies. When I heard that Moviefone waslooking for an Editor-in-Chief, I knew this was the role for me."

Since assuming the position, Hayne has great expectations and goals for his site. He hopes to continue to engage and entertain viewers with content but to begin to really dig into the concept of movie discovery. "With reviews, roundups, and best-of lists, discovery is in Moviefone's DNA," Hayne explained. Like most companies in the digital sphere, the Editor-In-Chief also recognizes the value in social communication. "We're encouraging an organic method of adding fans and followers, a practice that results in a more loyal, engaged audience. We're currently working on a project that will attract casual moviegoers, diehard genre enthusiasts, and franchise fanatics. A triple threat, " he said.

His enthusiasm for film is as apparent outside of the office as it is inside. Looking back on his all-time favorite movies, Hayne's list includes "Jurassic Park," "Goonies," "The Nightmare Before Christmas," "Some Like It Hot," "Rebecca," "The Lion King," "Amelie," "Star Wars" (Episodes IV, V, and VI), "Rear Window," "Terminator 2," "Aliens," and "The Shining." Clearly he doesn't hold bias to certain genres or categories. Or even the opinions of Hollywood's award givers: "I'm still upset that Jennifer Lawrence won [the best actress Oscar] (Jessica Chastain's performance was stronger). But, of the movies that won Oscars this year, 'Life of Pi' was my favorite. A stunning movie, and I find it so impressive that Ang Lee could pull off an adaptation of a book that so many said wouldn't translate well to the screen."

It doesn't take much to recognize that Moviefone's new Editor-in-Chief will bring Moviefone to new heights and the Michigan-raised editor is just happy to be able to write about the movies. "I get to write and talk about movies every day. I'm also privileged to work with a team that shares a passion for film, and that kind of dedication is contagious," said Hayne.

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