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Suzanne Lindbergh

Senior Vice President and General Manager, BUILD

Twitter: @suzannebuzz

Suzanne Lindbergh is SVP and GM of BUILD. BUILD is a cultural platform, created to connect the most compelling,interesting and influential creators in the world with their fans and audiences. BUILD has over 1,000 episodes under its belt with the biggest talent in the world. Lindbergh created and led Apple's Global Buzz Marketing team for 19 years. Buzz efforts included crafting and running the global implementation of a Film and TV Product Placement program generating billions of global, positive product and brand awareness experiences for Apple year over year; creating Apple's TV and Film Influencer Relations seeding and publicity efforts utilizing talent in Apple's marketing and PR efforts; and creating and running for 13 years Apple's acclaimed "Meet the Filmmaker/Actor" retail series - where I produced over 1,500 events with the highest profile talent in the world, including events with each of the Best Director Oscar winners 6 years in a row prior to even their nominations being announced, from 2007-2012.

Lindbergh worked closely with Steve Jobs and executive management to create and implement programs to launch and gain momentum for all of Apple's products including launching the first iPod, first iPhone and first iPad as well as all iterations of iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, etc. This includes working hand in hand with Steve on Apple's first iPhone launch commercial - "Hello" - where I negotiated and managed talent inclusion into that spot; and also crafting the famed "Modern Family" episode where "Phil gets an iPad" two days ahead of the official first iPad launch.