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A Lens on the World, Driven by Data

AOL.com Team

Claudia Huapaya, Head of Operations Monetization 
Abigail Silverman, Head of Programming
Steve Birnbaum, Product Manager
Brittany Vanbibber, Social Programming Manager

Data is the secret ingredient in building brands people love, and it’s the foundation for the evolution of AOL.com. The team behind the brand uses data to power a more engaging, more relevant content offering. A few examples:

  • AOL.com uses real-time data to drive how they choose their programming. Based on how people are interacting with content, or how the news cycle is changing, what’s featured on the site will morph.
  • The AOL.com product team has spent the last year testing new products with a small subset of their audience. Early insights on how people are responding allows them to make improvements before they release.
  • Video views outside of AOL.com – from social media, for example – have increased by 600% since the beginning of 2016. Because of this success, the team created three new video brands that are totally optimized for social media: In the Know and Best Bites.
  • Video innovation is a major focus area for the team. Eight new original series and a brand-new video experience will help drive their +450 million video views per month to new heights.