We've created the most powerful online advertising tools in the business.

AOL connects advertisers, publishers, and audiences across the globe through our vast and growing portfolio of media brands and advertising solutions. We’re a media-technology company: a global publishing powerhouse delivering the content and experiences consumers love, and the industry leading technology fueling powerful touchpoints that drive results. We’ve built our business on four strategic pillars that align with consumer today and into the future:


No other format is more powerful and compelling than sight, sound and motion; video is the format of choice for consumers and brands. We’ve made strategic investments to create, aggregate and distribute the video content consumers crave. We deliver 16M hours of video annually, including EMMY®-nominated original series and over 25K partner shows distributed across our massive video platform.


For more and more consumers every day, mobile is their most important machine, their operating system, and their second brain, making it the brand-critical device to connect with audiences today. We saw this coming. By teaming up with Verizon and Millennial Media, we’ve become the leading mobile marketplace for the world’s top brands, reaching 600M on our mobile network. With mobile-first products like Kanvas and go90, we deliver engaging content and experiences to consumers on their terms.


Data is what supercharges our marketplaces and improves experiences for consumers and brands. Our unique data is the ultimate fuel for brands to better understand audiences and deliver powerful experiences.

Open Ecosystems

We made an early commitment to creating open ecosystems that unite content owners, advertisers, publishers, and technology owners for better efficiency, scale, and competition. Our open environment provides clients with access to a unique and talented network of diverse creators, a modular tech stack with easy and seamless activation across any partner, and complete ownership of your data.

With these key pillars, we’ve become the global media technology powerhouse that we are today. Explore our specific solutions below.

AOL’s consumer brands deliver the award winning, premium content consumers crave across a spectrum of audiences and topics, from health and wellness to tech and women’s issues. Our consumer products and original content offer clients eye-popping media placements and branded content integrations to fuel experiences our endemic audiences love.

Our ad technology platform unleashes your message at scale across every device your audience is on and every format they consume across the web. We’ve built the first open end to end tech stack with ONE by AOL to drive real results and simplify the process.

Technology and expectations for online content experiences have evolved rapidly. Verizon Digital Media Services brings together all the essential elements that make an exceptional content experience possible. Our next-generation platform integrates a world-class Content Delivery Network (CDN) and a one-of-a-kind video streaming solution to help you transform your content into world-class experiences on every screen, everywhere.