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Writer, Biologist, Supreme Court Justice Join MAKERS

May 30, 2012

Meet this week's new MAKERS: Vendela Vida, a writer, columnist and journalist; Shirley Tilghman, a molecular biologist and the first woman president of Princeton, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Vendela Vida is an American writer, columnist, journalist, and editor. She is the author of And Now You Can Go, Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name, andThe Lovers. She is a co-editor of The Believer, and the co-founder of 826 Velencia, a nonprofit organization that teaches creative writing to children and teenagers.

Shirley Tilghman's appointment as the first woman president of Princeton University capped a career as a celebrated teacher, world-renowned scholar, and pioneer in molecular biology. She served on the committee that set the blueprint for the U.S. effort in the Human Genome Project and on the council that oversaw the initiative at NIH.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court, broke legal and professional barriers for women as the second woman ever appointed to the high court. Although she graduated first in her class from Columbia, she found herself turned away by most law firms and judges who refused to hire a woman, according to her MAKERS profile.

Learn more about Ginsburg by watching this video: