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Winamp Brings Synchronized Lyrics To Mobile and Desktop with new partners SongFreaks and LyricFind

Oct 9, 2012

Attention music fans: you will no longer have to worry about mumbling the words to your favorite songs!

Following the recent release of Album Washer, Winamp is proud to reveal a new lyrics add-on feature, powered by LyricFind, for the award winning Android music player.

The new add-on displays lyrics to your favorite songs and automatically scrolls in time with what you're listening to on top of the playback screen. LyricFind provides millions of songs from over 40,000 artists and 200,000 albums for users in 20 countries. The add-on is available for $1.99 and can be purchased directly within the Winamp for Android app in the In-App Store.

The way lyrics are seamlessly integrated right on top of your playback screen brings another dimension to your listening experience. This is another step in our roadmap to give our users a wide variety of ways to customize their experience on Android handsets and has always been a part of the Winamp DNA, give the power to the user!

Additionally, Winamp and SongFreaks are announcing a new online service for the Winamp desktop music player today, SongFreaks For Winamp.

The SongFreaks application, which will be available during the Winamp installation (and can also be downloaded through, includes access to the same great catalog of lyrics and provides easy access to artist and album data, videos, charts, images, and more. Users can also participate in the SongFreaks community, sharing songs (and lyrics), artist info, and more, while earning badges and competing to become the Top Fan of each artist. Users can become the Top Fan by interacting with each artist on SongFreaks, viewing and sharing their information, and listening to their music.

Additionally, the SongFreaks application includes LyricStream, the SongFreaks technology that synchronizes the display of lyrics in time with your music. If LyricStream isn't available for a particular song, users can add sync data automatically, using a fun, interactive process.

SongFreaks Founder Alex Curelea said, "We're very happy to partner with Winamp and provide lyrics to their tens of millions of users. We're excited to introduce their users to the SongFreaks community and help them sing along to their music!"

For more about Winamp for Android follow this link, and for more about the SongFreaks Online Service on the Winamp Desktop media player click here. For more info about LyricFind go to and for more info about SongFreaks go to