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Veteran's Day: A Time To Reflect

Nov 11, 2011

AOL would like to take a moment on this Veteran's Day to thank the men and women who have served America, and remember those who have been lost.

In honor of Veteran's Day, is featuring "Flags," a new canvas by AOL Artist Abbi Jacobson, inspired by the American Flag. "Flags" is the newest addition of original art work to AOL's permanent canvas collection and successfully merges patriotism and creativity.

Abbi Jacobson is a New York-based artist who has been an active member of the AOL Artist community since her work was featured on in November 2010. Aside from working as an accomplished illustrator, Jacobson is also the founder and star of acclaimed web series "Broad City." See more of her work on her AOL Artists page.

Huffington Post Impact showcases the power of purple in bringing people together for good, and reminds us that there is always more we can do for veterans in need.

Huffington Post Los Angeles shares the remarkable story of UCLA Operation Mend, which aims to help soldiers with severely burned faces.

AOL Gov shares the story of the push to hiring returning war veterans, and the challenges they are facing.

For more stories from the Veteran's Day and Armstice Day story around the world, visit the Huffington Post Veteran's Day page.

This Veteran's Day, we encourage you too to pause and thank a veteran for their service, remember those veterans who we have lost, and keep in your thoughts those who continue serve our nation in locations all around the world.