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Tom Burtonwood and Holly Holmes Join AOL Artists

Apr 10, 2012

Made with love by our two new AOL Artists, today we unveil five new canvases on by married couple Tom Burtonwood and Holly Holmes.

Holly Holmes is a painter, sculptor, teacher, and curator who resides in Oak Park, Chicago. She created two beautiful watercolor works for AOL, entitled Blue Netting and Streaming (below). Her work is heavily influenced from nature, books, science, and "experiences of the everyday," said Holly.

Tom Burtonwood's three new canvases - Floating Divs (below), Alpha Blocks, and HTML Paint - are inspired by the alphabet, HTML and QR codes. In the studio he makes hard-edged geometric compositions in two and three dimensions with a "dash of 8-bit voxel blocks," according to Tom. He also teaches at Columbia College and the School of Art Institute of Chicago.

Together, the couple co-run What It Is, a project space and gallery in Oak Park. Click here to learn more about Tom and Holly on