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The Group Launches Blog

Aug 2, 2012

This week, our friends at Group launched a blog that will feature shared industry insights and knowledge from the collective leadership of the team. Ned Brody, CEO of Group, kicked off the blog explaining the vision of the group and what the blog will cover:

"The vision of the Group is 'to simplify digital advertising at scale.' As a company, we are focusing on that vision by building a unified suite of tech products and services to provide simpler, easier-to-manage solutions serving publishers, marketers and everyone in between.

We are excited to begin publishing weekly blog posts covering issues that surround core ad technologies, formats, buying opportunities, regulatory themes, publisher monetization and other critical and often confusing topics."

Today's blog post, written by Delia Biddison, VP of Publisher Services, covers the OMMA RTB Conference, where Biddison participated on a panel called "You Call This 'Premium?': Publishers Face the RTB Question." Read Biddison's recap of the conference to learn about display and data targeting, as well as RTB strategies and practices.

Learn more about the Group and read future blog posts by clicking here.