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TechCrunch Launches CrunchGov, a New Political Project

Oct 26, 2012

The TechCrunch team has been hard at work on the debut of CrunchGov, a new digital resource that provides free access to technology policy data coupled with TechCrunch's signature analysis and insight in time for the 2012 election and beyond.

Filling a void of information at the intersection of technology and government, TechCrunch writer Greg Ferenstein designed this powerful tool to help bring more interaction to the democratic process. In addition, CrunchGov's analytical component provides a new, definitive metric that Ferensteincalls "endorsement 2.0," giving this long-standing media transition a much-needed push into the digital era.

The site is composed of three parts:

  • Report card: CrunchGov classifies members of Congress as advocates (Tech Titans) or opponents (Tech Threats) of tech policy according to how closely their voting record matches the tech industry's opinions on issues as determined by verified tech lobby organizations. Each representative receives a grade, A – F.
  • Crowdsourcing: CrunchGov's public markup utility harnesses the knowledge and expertise of the public, letting them comment on and propose amendments to drafted bill language. In providing a space to solicit public feedback on actual topics facing Congress, CrunchGov hopes to avoid poorly crafted laws and encourage major companies to post their own suggested edits.
  • Legislative database: Readers can access a comprehensive database of bills currently under review in Congress that provides details, related news stories and a list of supporting and opposing politicians for a holistic view of what's at stake when it comes to tech legislation.

Head over to CrunchGov to see how your representative stacks up. You may just reconsider how you cast your vote on the 6th...