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Release the Chickens! Clucks comes to iPhone

Sep 28, 2012

Social video is blowing up, but no one's thought to build a really cool game around it yet, and that's a huge, huge mistake. That's why we built the world's first turn-based game using short-form social video: Clucks.

Clucks is a turn-based game that uses twelve second videos to let players challenge their friends to guess a word they are describing (think Taboo). Players record a twelve second video describing the word, with five 'forbidden' words they're not allowed to use. Their opponent must guess the word being described while their reactions are recorded to create a fun action-reaction video that players can share with their friends.

Oh, and just to keep people from cheating and saying one of the "forbidden" words, Clucks is the first game to use Nuance's Dragon voice recognition software to keep players honest. If you cheat, the Donkey-police will come in and take away some points (which are called "clucks").

Don't have any friends? For solo players, we created the "Barnyard" - a repository of pre-recorded clues that a player can watch and guess against without having to play against anyone.

We're the first to partner with social video giant Viddy on a game like this, giving players the ability to post game videos to the Viddy community of more than 40 million active users.

By leveraging the fun of short-form videos, integrating Nuance's Dragon voice recognition to deter cheating, and partnering with Viddy to enable sharing, we have created a first-of-its-kind app that's fun and different.

Get Cluckin' with a free download from the iTunes app store by clicking here or learn more about how the game works by watching the video below.