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Program for the People! AOL Previews Original Video Research at OMMA Video

Oct 27, 2011

Yesterday I took the stage at OMMA Video in San Francisco to preview data from a study AOL Video recently did with comScore. With the research we aimed to debunk the myth that one size fits all in terms of video production. There's a prevailing belief that all short form online video should follow the same rubric and fit within a two minute window -- or people will get bored and stop watching. Rather, we're showing brands that we can work with them to create compelling video, utilize our tools and data to monitor viewing trends, then optimize and syndicate those engaging videos across the AOL network.

At AOL, we're hyper focused on what people are watching. We're taking a different approach with our original video research by looking at video categories to see how consumers engage with video, what they watch, and how long they watch, to better understand what makes "good" content for them. For instance, take the style category. We produce a ton of different style videos all around fashion and beauty - from runway reviews, interviews with fashionistas, street style portraits, and beauty basics. We noticed the most-viewed videos were those that showed how to take a trendy look and make it your own-whether on the street or in the salon. Our audience is interested in being fashionable and feeling great about themselves, but like most of us, they like to see how the high-fashion world can be made practical. On the other hand, the most-shared fashion videos were those that featured celebrities. In fact, those videos are 7X more likely to be shared if they featured a celebrity – demonstrating that fashion and celebrities are communal topics and our viewers use as social capital.

We're making it clear to brands that as they think about video content and their marketing goals, AOL can deliver on all their needs through our video platform. One size does not fit all for video campaigns, either. Our end-to-end solution delivers quality video content from our studios and the best partners in the business, a world-class syndication platform, and innovative ad formats. You can see the AOL video solution come to life through our original video slate, which includes series like The Tanning Effect (sponsored by State Farm).

(source: AOL & MarketSight, September 2011)