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Platform-A's Milestone Transformation to ADTECH Allows Marketers to Deliver Ad Campaigns with Increased Speed and Flexibility

Mar 17, 2009

Migration from DoubleClick ad serving system delivers significant cost savings

ADTECH head Dirk Freytag promoted to Platform-A Senior Vice President

New York, NY – March 17, 2009 – AOL's Platform-A, the leading advertising platform in the U.S. with a 91% reach across the Internet*, today announced that it will now offer advertisers the full-service benefits of ADTECH's ad serving system for delivering brand messages to their customers. The company previously utilized DoubleClick and has now replaced those systems with ADTECH's technology, which lets Platform-A deliver ad campaigns across AOL's MediaGlow properties.

"The ad serving switch from DoubleClick to ADTECH is a major milestone for Platform-A and our advertising partners. Acquiring ADTECH was a smart, strategic move that saves the company millions of dollars each year and allows us to more effectively serve display, video, and mobile campaigns across the MediaGlow properties and our third-party networks," said Greg Coleman, President of Platform-A. "In January, Platform-A reached more than 174 million unique visitors*, and now that we've switched our ad serving to ADTECH, we're in a stronger position to help advertisers reach those consumers more efficiently and build brands that perform online."

"Bringing our ad serving technology in-house was one of the most complex technological challenges we've undertaken, and now that our project is complete, our systems can deliver ad campaigns faster than our former DoubleClick solution," said Freytag. "Even in a turbulent economy, ADTECH's business continues to grow, which is a testament to the brand value that ADTECH brings to online advertisers. ADTECH is committed to being a business partner for our customers. We don't deliver a technology – we deliver solutions that ultimately help drive revenue for digital advertisers."

In conjunction with today's announcement, Platform-A also announced that Freytag has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Platform-A, in addition to his role as CEO of ADTECH. Since taking the position of CEO in 2005, Freytag has overseen the growth of ADTECH's business in Europe and the United States. He joined ADTECH in 2000 as VP of Corporate Communications and in two years rose to become Chief Operating Officer. AOL acquired ADTECH in May 2007 with the strategic goal of leveraging its flagship product, the Helios IQ ad serving platform, to enable web publishers to manage, serve, and evaluate virtually any kind of digital advertising campaign.

Platform-A was established by integrating AOL's advertising business,, ADTECH, Quigo, TACODA and others to provide marketers with an efficient, effective means to leverage display, video, mobile, contextual, affiliate and search marketing solutions at scale. The mission of Platform-A is to enable marketers to reach their targeted audiences at scale through delivery of highly engaging and effective advertising for maximum value and results.

*January 2009 comScore Media Metrix

About Platform-A
Platform-A, AOL's advertising business, reaching 91%* of the U.S. Internet audience, is the industry's largest digital advertising platform. Platform-A offers the most comprehensive suite of marketing solutions, powered by the Web's best advertising technologies. Platform-A includes AOL's leading media properties –, AIM, MapQuest, and more – and's third-party networks. Platform-A also includes TACODA's audience insights and behavioral targeting; Quigo, a site- and content-targeting solution; ADTECH, an international digital ad serving business; Third Screen Media, a mobile ad serving network; and, an affiliate marketing solution. Platform-A currently has operations in the United States, nine countries across Europe, including Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and Japan through a joint venture with Mitsui. Learn more at


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