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New Women Debut on

Mar 15, 2012

Following our launch of two weeks ago, new stories have been added to the site, which showcases hundreds of compelling stories from the women who make America.

This week's MAKERS include playwright Eve Ensler, who discusses her traumatic childhood, the success of The Vagina Monologues, founding of V-day to fight violence against women, her battle with cancer and more. And in a profile of music entrepreneur Lauren Bucherie you'll hear about theAustin production company she co-founded as well as her thoughts on the glass ceiling, sensitivity and success.

Here is playwright Eve Ensler, one of the newest MAKERS stories we've added to

If you haven't already, browse the site for more stories of groundbreaking women who have sparked historic change. Check back for new profiles that will be added weekly or follow @MAKERSwomen on Twitter and Facebook for the lastest MAKERS news.