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MapQuest Launches New Travel Tool: MapQuest Discover

Nov 13, 2012

Today, MapQuest launched MapQuest Discover, one of several upcoming tools focused on the complete travel experience: discovering, planning, exploring and documenting the places where the map meets life.
This beta release of MapQuest Discover focuses on places, encourages destination discovery, and allows users to create and share collections and photos of favorite places from trips they've taken or planned.

Right now, MapQuest Discover has the following features with more to come:

  • Collections: allows users to create and share their favorite places ("favorite bars" or "cool hikes"), trips they've taken, or their travel bucket list. Collections has a leaderboard that shows who's been to the most places in that collection, encouraging some good-natured bragging.
  • Newsfeed: an infinite scroll of interesting places, popular collections and professional travel guides aimed to inspire. Users can quickly Like a place, mark that they have Been to a place, or add a place to one of their own Collections. Popular collections are influenced by user's favorites and are featured higher in the newsfeed.
  • Passport: serves as a user's profile page and shows all the places they've been, collections created and more.
  • Travel Content: access hundreds of travel guides written by travel experts and inspiring articles about top travel destinations to help make planning even easier.
In addition to launching MapQuest Discover, the team is adding reviews, deals, travel guides and related collections from MapQuest Discover to MapQuest Local pages about states, cities, places, and neighborhoods for more convenient trip planning.

For 16 years, MapQuest has played a big role in helping people navigate the world. Now with MapQuest Discover, MapQuest is not only getting users where they want to go with directions and planning, but also inspiring them to go there in the first place.

To explore MapQuest Discover for yourself check it out here!