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Le Huffington Post Launches

Jan 23, 2012

Today, the Huffington Post Media Group marks the launch of Le Huffington Post, a collaboration that aims to combine the best parts of the Huffington Post platform (news, blogging, community and social engagement) with the unique French personality, perspective and culture that only our partners Le Monde and Les Nouvelles Éditions Indépendantes can bring.

Our launch day posts include a wide array of thoughts and perspective including those of University of Paris professor Guy Carcassonne, fashion designer Emanuel Ungaro, war reporter Anne Nivat, member of Parliament Julien Dray, member of European Parliament and former minister of justice Rachida Dati, historian Benjamin Stora, blogger Catherine Cerisey, comedian Nicolas Bedos, and journalist and sociologist Guillaume Erner.

Le Huffington Post will be lead by of Paul Ackermann, the editor-in-chief in charge of daily operations, who joined Huffington Post from Le Figaro.

For more about the launch, read Arianna Huffington's post in English or French, and be sure to follow the latest headlines from Le Huffington Post on Twitter at @LeHuffPost (in French, of course).