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Larry Sadler Takes Us on a Tour of AOL's NYC Offices

Apr 5, 2012

Larry Sadler understands how a physical space can inspire creativity and reflect a culture of collaboration. As Senior Facilities Manager, Larry incorporates these attributes into the overall design and layout of AOL's headquarters and Patch's New York City offices, overseeing the day-to-day operations as well as the holistic design and implementation of new renovations.

An AOLer for over fifteen years, Larry started his career with the company as a community action team consultant, our version of an online police officer, working out of AOL's Oklahoma City call center. During Larry's long career at AOL he transitioned to the Facilities team to manage global call center facility operations and oversee multiple major construction and renovation projects. Larry slowly began to shift his role from global call center operations to International operations, supporting AOL locations in China, France, Germany, India, Ireland and the United Kingdom. In this role, he continued to oversee operations and project management before relocating to New York City to manage AOL's headquarters and other New York City facilities in January 2010.

When discussing AOL's office designs, Larry cites that his goal is always to create an environment of collaboration that reflects AOL's values and incorporates its branding. Integrating functional meeting spaces to host a variety of onsite events, branding open spaces with AOL Artists' canvases and showcasing the products and services that AOL produces in common areas for visitors are all ways that Larry integrates AOL's culture into a creative work space.

Never one to back down from a challenge, shortly after the acquisition of The Huffington Post, Larry and his team had only two weekends to support the renovation of the 5th floor and accommodate the new The Huffington Post Media Group. It was a difficult and complex process, given the time constraint, to actually implement and execute the design and ensure that the space would be fully operational for the new HPMG team. A little over a year later, Larry and his team are now working on different ways to continue to improve the space. "We are now in the process of reevaluating the newsroom to make it feel homier. Our goal is to make the space more functional, collaborative and comfortable for the entire 5th floor teams."

As AOL continues to change and grow, Larry and his team are also focused on reducing office costs by looking for the most energy efficient solutions. "The [AOL Headquarters] building was designed as a LEED gold certified building, so the electrical and mechanical systems in place are already designed for efficiencies. We've made sure to maintain the infrastructure and implement those systems into all of our new work and construction."

Outside of work Larry enjoys riding motorcycles on the open road. Every year, he rides about 3,000 miles in two weeks with friends and families, taking the back roads of the country while enjoying the beautiful mountains and scenery. This year's destinations include Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park and Monument Valley, Utah. Besides his motorcycle, Larry also cannot live without his iPad, despite his hesitancy to adopt the product when it first came out. "I never wanted an iPad, and now I live by it. It effects everything I do, I'm completely dependent. Whether I'm reviewing plans, or marking them up during a walk through, I just can't live without my iPad."

(Photos by Gino DePinto and Noam Galai.)