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Interactive Advertising Bureau Recognizes AOL's Rock Stars

Feb 27, 2012

IAB Portrait and Pushdown Named Official IAB Standards

At last night's IAB Annual Leadership Meeting's Creative Showcase, AOL's Portrait and Pushdown units, winners of the IAB's 2011 "Rising Stars" competition, were recognized as official IAB standard ad units. This acknowledgment shows that the IAB is committed to driving the industry forward with standard brand ad formats and metrics around engagement and interactivity, as we continue to see the shift of brand advertising dollars to the Web.

Dave Jacobs Re-elected as Co-Chair of IAB's Networks and Exchanges Committee

Today it was announced that Dave Jacobs, Senior Vice President of Publisher Services of, has been re-elected to the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) Networks & Exchanges Committee as Co-Chair for 2012.

The IAB Networks and Exchanges Committee is comprised of senior leaders of ad networks and exchanges that are general member companies, dedicated to furthering the interests of ad networks and exchanges in today's complex ad marketplace.

Last year, Jacobs was selected for an IAB Service Excellence Award, created to recognize outstanding leaders who have driven advancements for the interactive advertising industry, for his work in drafting the Networks & Exchanges Quality Assurance guidelines, a document that standardizes networks and exchanges information, and enhances buyer control over the placement and context of advertising, thus providing brand safety. These guidelines represent the end of an 18 month-long process of creating a new industry standard that provides transparency and brand controls to advertisers.