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HuffPost Tackles Poverty with "Breakdown: Americans on Edge"

Mar 9, 2012

Last week Timothy L. O'Brien, Executive Editor of The Huffington Post, introduced a new series, "Breakdown: Americans on Edge," a year-long exploration and examination of the lives of middle class and poor Americans. The series will cover several subjects surrounding rising poverty in America including health care, education, suburban strife, and violence. A group of about two dozen reporters and editors will be dedicated to the series which has already received positive reviews from the Columbia Journalism Review and the National Review.

The series will continue from now until the election and already includes coverage from Peter Goodman on poverty in the cradle of affluence, Tom Zeller on poverty that defies every cure, and Gerry Smith on the "digital divide," how lack of internet access holds back the poorest Americans.

Learn more about the series by clicking here.