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HuffPost Canada Reporter Wins Journalism Award

Apr 30, 2012

Following its nomination for Excellence in Journalism last month, HuffPost Canada is celebrating another win this time for business reporter Rachel Mendleson's inaugural labor reporting which earned an award from the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) for her feature that explored the links between income inequality and the decline of unions in Canada.

The award, presented Saturday at the CAJ's annual gala in Toronto, honors stories that advance public understanding of labor issues.

Mendleson traveled to St. Thomas, Ontario, where she documented the struggle of workers from that city's shuttered Ford assembly plant to find good jobs. She used their plight to examine the broader question of what impact the disintegration of organized labor has had on Canada's growing income gap.

The story was featured prominently in HuffPost's ongoing "Mind The Gap" series, edited by Daniel Tencer, which chronicles this country's income divide. We're proud of the work Rachel has done on the "Mind The Gap" series and it reinforces our commitment to cover stories that fall outside of mainstream business news.

The award is one of many that The Huffington Post has won in the last month including a Pulitzer Prize for its series Beyond the Battlefield, honored in the National Reporting field and a British Media Award naming HuffPost UK's Editor-in-Chief as Media Innovator of the Year.