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Homepage for Heroes Launches Phase Two

Jul 9, 2012

Homepage for Heroes, AOL's yearlong project to recognize, honor and support our troops, has just joined forces with Operation Gratitude to continue the mission of creating connection, support and opportunity for our troops. After reaching our June goal – 1,000,000 talk-time minutes raised for the USO's Operation Phone Home – we're excited to embark on the next phase of our mission.

In this phase of the site, visitors can show direct support for a military member and be provided a sweepstakes opportunity to visit with their own loved ones. Visitors can write a different deployed soldier daily, and letters will be printed and shipped overseas as part of an Operation Gratitude care package. We're also launching a Homepage for Heroes Facebook App giving users more opportunity to win one of five $50 travel cards daily, and a grand prize – airfare for a family of four.

We've found our users want to reach out to help and we want to provide them with our opportunity. Join in our mission and help support our troops using your social networks:

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