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Dinner, Drinks, and a Movie(fone)

Sep 7, 2012

Our idea of a perfect day includes shopping, dinner, drinks and a movie - plus maybe some other fun activities nearby. So, for all you people out there who live it up the way we do, we've built a brand new feature into our awesome Moviefone iPhone app and it's called: "Places Nearby."

With Moviefone's new "Places Nearby" feature, you can see local bars, restaurants, and retail near your favorite theaters so you can plan your whole night right from your phone (no more stumbling into places that are 'good enough.') Of course, this is in addition to all of Moviefone's other great features that let you see what movies are playing near you right now, get directions to the theater, invite friends to a movie via Facebook, SMS, and email. Moviefone also gives users the ability to purchase tickets from over 20,000 national theaters right from their mobile device.

For the serious movie buffs out there, Moviefone lets you watch "Unscripted", a completely different take on the celebrity interview where stars interview each other using questions from Moviefone fans. Of course, Moviefone also gives you trailers, exclusive premiers and Mr. Moviefone's 6 Second Reviews of all the hottest movies coming to theaters. Not to mention our extensive library of celebrity bios, photos, and filmographies along with all the latest Hollywood news and gossip to dig through while you're waiting in line for that delicious, buttery and salty movie popcorn.

The new Moviefone is available for iOS download here.