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Arianna Honored at Glamour's Women of the Year Event

Nov 7, 2011

Last night, Arianna was honored by Glamour Magazine as one of its Women of the Year at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The awards highlight women for their extraordinary accomplishments and positive influence on women around the world. Others who made the 2011 list include: Jennifer Lopez, Tory Burch, Laura Bush, Chelsea Handler, Gabrielle Giffords, Cindy Sherman, and Gloria Steinem. Honored as a pioneer in the digital space, Barbara Walters presented the award to Arianna.

Glamour on Arianna in its latest issue:

"Huffington's vision propelled HuffPo, in five short years, from start-up to one of the most visited news sites on the Web and made the way we both gather and consume news less passive, more participatory-and more fun."

The feature also highlights Arianna's mission to inspire other women:

"I feel so profoundly that each one of us has a unique destiny," Huffington says, adding that success is more likely to come "when we focus on our own talents instead of looking over our shoulder."

"If my daughters, and women of all ages, are to take their rightful place in society, they must become fearless," she likes to say. "If you want to succeed big, there is no substitute for simply sticking your neck out."

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