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AOL's UnUniversity Named Best HR Idea for 2012

Mar 8, 2012

AOL's peer-to-peer learning program, UnUniversity was named one of the winners of the Best HR Ideas for 2012 contest by HR Executive Magazine. Rewarding straightforward solutions that address real needs in both organizations and communities, HR Executive Magazine recognized UnUniversity for its unique and original approach to internal knowledge-sharing/training.

Led by Melissa Frescholtz, senior program designer for people development, UnUniversity is unique because it gives all AOLers the opportunity to teach or take a class. All topics are welcome and cover a range of subjects from UnUBusiness which provides the inside scoop on AOL's business and skills for success to UnUTalents, where AOLers share interests and talents -- work-related or not.

The program not only enriches students with new knowledge, but also allows teachers to share personal interests and passions while honing their presentation and communication skills. We're proud to continue to invest in our employees by providing meaningful opportunities for growth while taking fun seriously.