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AOL Partners with Behance for Motion Graphics Competition

Mar 28, 2012

AOL actively empowers the creative community by commissioning artists from around the world to create the visual identity of the AOL brand. Over 90 painters, illustrators, videographers, sculptors, photographers and multi-media artists have worked with AOL and become members of the AOL Artists community.

With the spirit of creativity in mind, AOL is on the hunt for the next top talent in motion graphics! Through a partnership with Behance, AOL will run a month long competition on the Behance network, tapping into the company's incredible database of creatives. From March 28 to April 28, the competition will run across Behance's digital platform, encouraging Behance users to submit past work to showcase their expertise in the motion graphics field. Up to five finalists will be selected, who will then be given the opportunity to present their creative vision for the motion works, and if then selected, will create AOL's next motion canvases.

The Motion Graphics Competition is being judged by Maureen Sullivan, VP of Brand, Marketing, and Communications, AOL; Nikki Macaluso, Curator, AOL Artists, AOL; and Matias Corea, Co-founder & Chief Designer, Behance.

The Behance Network is the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work. Creative professionals update their work in one place to broadcast it widely and efficiently. Companies explore the work and access talent on a global scale.

Behance Quote, Alex Krug, Vice President:
"We're thrilled to partner with AOL, a long time supporter of the creative community. Our 'no spec' competition will give Motion Graphics artists an opportunity to work with one of the world's most recognizable brands. Our goal at Behance is to match the best talent with the right opportunity, and there's no one better to partner with in this pursuit than AOL."

Behance Quote, Matias Corea, Co-founder & Chief Designer:
"I'm impressed with the level of recognition that the AOL Artists program has brought to the creative community. I think the AOL Artists program and Behance are perfectly aligned in our efforts to empower creatives in any way we can. "

AOL Quote, Nikki Macaluso:
"Partnering with Behance is a perfect fit for our AOL Artists program. Behance's incredible technology has attracted amazing and talented artists and creatives, and we are excited to engage this world-class community with our AOL Artists initiatives."