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AOL Launches Project Devil 2 As We Continue To Innovate In Premium Branded Display

Oct 1, 2012

Today AOL kicked off Advertising Week 2012 with the launch of Project Devil 2, the next phase of AOL's continued focus on innovation in premium branded display.

Project Devil, launched in September 2010 at Advertising Week, was AOL's foray into revolutionizing premium display on the Web. Since then, the Devil unit has continued to deliver outstanding metrics for marketers, including an average Interaction Rate (ITR) of 5.18% and an average Interaction Time of 24 seconds.*

After two years of working with advertisers across categories including Entertainment, Retail, CPG, Finance, and Travel, we realized that each industry has very unique needs in branded display. We have been working with the various verticals to create real solutions for their needs.

One new format in Project Devil 2 has two applications within the unit, allowing brand marketers to utilize a larger high-definition brand asset in the top module to drive a more enhanced experience for consumers. For example, in Entertainment, we heard how important the video functionality was for them. So we now have the 2 app solution that allows for about 66 percent of the real estate to run a high def video.

A second new unit in Project Devil 2 is smaller 300x600 unit that features one large application. With Project Devil 2, our product strategy continues to be focused on the transformation from ad formats to vertical ad solutions.

We are also continuing to scale Project Devil across the Web. AOL also recently signed a partnership with Time Inc. around premium branded display. As part of the agreement, Time Inc. will use AOL's Pictela technology to power premium formats on their Time Amplify platform. Time Inc. will also certify Pictela for standard IAB ad units. In addition, Pictela will build a proprietary 300x600 premium ad format for Time Inc. with enhanced functionality specific to the publisher, expected later this year.

Across AOL's Owned & Operated sites, the Devil Network and 30 certified publishers, Pictela technology powers all the ad units in the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio named at the IAB Annual Leadership Conference in February 2012, including Billboard, Filmstrip, Portrait, and Pushdown.

*Source: Devil benchmarks from 1H12 Performance Benchmark Report, AOL Internal Data