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AOL Launches AdLearn Open Platform

Mar 20, 2012

Today we launched the beta version of the AdLearn Open Platform (AOP), an extension of's current AdLearn technology that will allow clients to manage, optimize and analyze online marketing campaigns from one central platform.

At AOL we are committed to product innovation in the ever-changing marketplace, and strive to provide the best services and tools available to advertisers. An in-house team of industry veteran sellers, PhDs, business analysts and experts in the non-reserved space built the AOP platform that provides digital marketing professionals with access to the robust AdLearn optimization technology, real-time bidding (RTB) capabilities, massive reach and premium inventory.

AOP is a natural progression for our business and was built with input from our enterprise clients as well as an in-depth understanding of the needs of agency trading desks. The platform was designed to arm and empower marketing professionals with technology that drives the highest and most efficient ROI possible. It delivers tools that marketers need to effectively manage every dollar spent on their brand including scaled performance, transparency, quality inventory, advanced campaign control, access to data and audience insights in one central platform. has been running the largest and most sophisticated non-reserved inventory marketplace for more than a decade. With the launch of AOP, we are well-positioned to become a strong player in the programmatic buying space.

We expect the full launch of the platform to occur this summer, and we plan to continue to build features within AOP throughout 2012.