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AOL 'Idea Salon': Movember Co-Founder Changes the Face of Men's Health

Oct 22, 2012

It was surprising to learn that what began as a dare between friends has grown into the world's largest supporter of prostate and testicular cancer research. On Tuesday, October 16, AOL hosted Adam Garone, CEO and co-founder of The Movember Foundation, a movement that started in 2003 as a friendly nudge to grow mustaches. Movember has certainly evolved since it's inception in 2003, and Adam shared the history and vision behind this incredibly significant cause.
The Movember movement has inspired over 1.9 million participants and supporters worldwide to raise $299 million for prostate and testicular cancer research. Garone believes that a cure for prostate cancer is achievable in our lifetime, and he has dedicated his life to making that goal a reality.
During his talk at our internal speaker series, the AOL "Idea Salon", Garone admitted that it was a huge gamble to leave his job and focus on Movember fulltime. It didn't make it easy on his parents when his brother Travis did the same. However, neither Garone brother ever doubted the success of their idea. Rapid growth came by allowing the community to carry and build the brand because everyone who took part in Movember was inherently a brand ambassador; the mustaches said it all!

Garone also shared with us a few tips on creating an effective brand, including:

  • Start with a simple idea
  • Foster a culture of amazing, dedicated individuals around your brand
  • Use technology as an accelerator to push your idea along
  • Remain focused
  • Focus on the heroes
Garone added that it is especially important for a brand, like Movember, to keep things fresh and exciting. In 2012, Movember unveiled the creative campaign "Movember and Sons," focused on connecting fathers and sons while fostering open communication around topics related to men's health.
When the calendar ticks to November, and you see a gentleman with handlebar, fu manchu, chevron and other varieties of mustache, we encourage you to remember the fight for men's health, the Movember Foundation and to consider getting involved here: