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AOL Becomes First Major Publisher to Offer GRP Guarantee for Online Video, Mirrors TV Buying Model

Apr 16, 2012

Beginning today, AOL will offer marketers guaranteed audience delivery for online video advertising campaigns bought across its properties. For the first time, online GRPs – based on audience demographics, rather than clicks or impressions – are being used as the basis for advertiser guarantees on the Web. Through a partnership with Nielsen, AOL will leverage Nielsen Online Campaign RatingsTM reach, frequency and gross rating point (GRP) measurement to determine how well it delivered ads to the desired target audience. As the digital content NewFronts approach, AOL is the first major publisher to use a TV-based guarantee model for its online video inventory.

As we see more and more brand dollars shift from traditional television advertising to the Web, partnering with Nielsen puts AOL in a unique position to offer a more cost effective mechanism for reaching targeted audiences and a better or equal brand lift, reach and recall. AOL has a significant volume of high-quality content valued by advertisers and we are excited to take the lead on showing the value and differentiated results we can guarantee.