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AOL at the Digiday Target Conference

Dec 16, 2011

Over 150 media insiders gathered together on December 15th for the DigiDay Target Conference in LA. Speakers and panelists discussed issues around current targeting solutions and measurement capabilities. Brand marketers spoke to challenges with managing messaging across platforms and efforts to improve communication between all players involved. There was also a new focus on utilizing data across mobile and video platforms with exciting new developments such as addressable TV creeping further into the digital conversation.

AOL's Willis Duran sat on the Targeting for Brands panel with leaders from Saaatchi & Saatchi, Ignited, and BatesHook to debate how brand marketers can strike a balance between identifying specific audiences while delivering messages at scale. AOL is leading the charge with leveraging data for brand marketers, not solely to drive incremental sales lift, but also to drive branding metrics such as brand awareness and market share shifts.

With offerings like Super Channels and Devil Ad units, advertisers can utilize data in a brand-friendly environment. In addition, through AOL's capability to leverage an eAddressable audience, it provides digital marketers with an edge to reach consumers on a household level while alleviating certain concerns around cookie degradation.

"The digital ecosystem continues to be packed with intermediaries and new data providers. While most would agree key players may get acquired or consolidate, growing ad budgets and evolving technologies provides ample opportunity for niche businesses to continually enter into the space so the shakeout, if any – will likely be cyclical. Still, amidst the complexity, there are few companies such as AOL who have made it easy to buy media at scale across platforms – complete with self-service implementation and reporting tools. The panel allowed us to affirm our position in leveraging data to provide additional value in insights and in satisfying multi-pronged marketing objectives that extend far beyond a CTR metric. Our ability to leverage data within brand-safe environments is also an incredible differentiator in the data space," said Duran, Director of Targeting Strategy.'s Doug Boccia, VP of Platform Solutions, also participated in a Q&A chat on accelerating performance solutions. In the session, he announced that is creating a new platform for sophisticated marketers to control all aspects of their media buy. Leveraging's technology and algorithm, AdLearn Open Platform will provide strategic partners with access to real-time bidded and AOL's non-reserved inventory.

"I was excited to finally announce and discuss AdLearn Open Platform by Based on the multiple conversations that occurred throughout the day, I believe we are well positioned to create a valuable new solution for the marketplace," said Boccia.

With the new product set to launch in early 2012, keep your eyes on

(This post originally ran on the AOL Advertising Blog.)