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AOL Artists Launches Six New Canvases

Oct 12, 2012

Immerse yourself in creativity with six new canvases by our two AOL Artists Aakash Nihalani and Paola Andrea Ochoa! Although the canvases are new to, Paola and Aakash have been long time friends of the AOL Artists program. Since June 2012, their work has been exhibited in our New York office as part of AOL's collection of original artworks.

New York-based artist Aakash Nihalani is known for his ephemeral street art, using neon tape to alter our perception of the urban landscape. His work has been featured across the globe, most recently at the Lisa de Kooing Artist in Residence Program. Aakash Nihalani is currently represented by Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

Paola Andrea Ochoa, born in Colombia, is based in Brooklyn, NY. Her abstract drawings combine whimsical strokes and sharp prolific mark-making. Paola has exhibited in a number of galleries, most recently at A.I.R. Gallery.

We are thrilled to add these incredible canvases to our collection. Want to make one of them your background on Click for Asterix, Neon Ice, Windmill, Key, Photon, or Aurora.